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We keep it in the car and are always reaching for it - I'm ordering a second for my toddler!

Courtney A.
Athens, GA


Exterior Shell

PUL fabric provides good stretch,
complete waterproofing, and is still
comfortable enough to wear next
to your baby's skin.


Interior Lining

A variety of interior linings are
available in countless patterns.

  • Anti-Pill fleece
  • Organic flannel
  • Terrycloth


Bottom Strap

The bottom strap is adjustable and
elastic which allows for maximum
versatility to create a custom fit.


Side Release Buckles

The side-release buckles are quick
to fasten and release.



Roll it up and it will stay compact
and neat on the go.


Easy Care

Machine wash in cold with like
colors and tumble dry on low.

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countless ways to use it...

In your arms:

Simply place the hood over your baby's head, wrap him up and whisk him away.

With a front baby carrier:

Place the hood over the baby's head or use the side clips to attach to your carrier straps.

On a stroller:

Attach the side straps to your stroller frame or harness straps.

Over an infant car seat:

Tuck your baby's feet into the hood and wrap the bottom over the canopy if it's raining.

Around a toddler:

Place the hood over your toddler's head and his fingers thru the interior handles to have him wrap himself in the Kloak.

Our story ...

The Kiddo Kloak is the most versatile baby blanket you will ever own. I developed it out of necessity when I was transporting my son and adapted the design to suit my children as they grew. The result is an adaptable and indispensable accessory that your child will utilize from infancy to toddlerhood.

When I was a new mom I found that I didn't want to bundle my baby up for car rides. For one thing, it isn't safe. Most car seat manufactures recommend removing coats and bulky clothing which can compromise the performance of the car seat. Secondly, my baby would simply get too warm if he was bundled while riding in the car.

So I developed the Kiddo Kloak. It is a hooded blanket that has a waterproof exterior shell with a soft interior lining available in a beautiful variety of colors and prints. But the real beauty of the Kiddo Kloak is its versatility. The attachment mechanisms are placed just where you need them – no matter how you are transporting your baby! Whether you are carrying your baby in your arms, in a front infant carrier, in an infant car seat, in a stroller or even if your toddler is walking on his own. The Kiddo Kloak is designed to function in all these scenarios. It rolls up for easy storage and can be tossed on your child in a flash to protect him from the elements. I believe it truly is the most versatile baby blanket you will ever own.